Why Merino ?

Every Embers garment begins life on the back of a merino sheep in New Zealand’s stunning Southern Alps.

Merino is nature’s intelligent fibre, it has a superb warmth to weight ratio, is highly breathable and is exceptional at actively moving moisture away from the skin.

No matter what the season, weather or activity merino will keep you feeling comfortable.

Merino is also naturally antibacterial (non smelly) which means you can pack lighter and wash less.

Merino fibres also release a small amount of heat when wet, so unlike synthetics they will not feel cold and clammy when you stop your activity.

New Zealand merino is regarded as the finest, softest and purest merino in the world.

You only have to feel it to believe it.

How ?

Every Embers garment is a fine mix of traditional and modern qualities.

Our Suppliers farm their merino flocks in incredibly remote and rugged landscapes.

The Farming techniques are low density, low impact and in many most cases are relatively unchanged in 100 years.

This contrasts beautifully with the later phases of garment production which include cutting edge spinning,, knitting and sewing techniques.

This combination of traditional and modern results in an intriguing story and a premium quality product.

Your garment is ready to return to the mountains when you are.


Over the years we’ve tested merino fabrics from all over the world We choose to use two suppliers who have decades of experience in merino fabrics. We firmly believe they’re the best in the world.

Our garment production in Fiji uses fabric produced in New Zealand under the ZQ program, . ZQ is an independent audit, certification and tracability scheme which ensures the highest standard of animal welfare and environmentally friendly production.

Our garments produced in the EU use fabrics made in Scandinavia using ethically sourced merino fibres from NZ. As you would rightly imagine, fabric production in Scandinavia is of a premium quality and is strictly controlled by rigorous environmental standards.

Garment Production

We have a long term working relationship with both our European & Fijian garment manufacturers. Both are first class facilities with modern working practices & machinery. They provide excellent and safe working conditions for their staff.

Perception of the garment industry is often not good. Sweatshops and slave labour spring to many people’s minds.

If you see a T shirt for £5 you can be sure that someone in the chain is paying a price. The people who make that garment are probably working in poor conditions, the fabric will be awful and the environmental standards at that factory will probably be very low.

These shocking places DO exist but for many around the world, garment manufacture is a skilled and legitimate trade like any other. It’s easy to forget that just 30 years ago in our own town of Belper, garment manufacturers were the largest employers. Many former employees remember fondly their employment at the factories of the Derwent valley.

We only work with suppliers who produce exceptional products AND share our aim to do the right thing in all aspects of their business.